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Alia Steglinski is an Accredited Nutritionist, a Personal Trainer and Author of the new recipe book “Happy Life Awesome Body”. She holds a science degree majoring in Nutrition & Food Science at Deakin University Australia and has a certified personal training qualification with PTA Global. Since 2009, Alia has run individualised health, fitness and weight loss programs in the Bayside area of Melbourne where she takes pride in helping Australians shift their fat and shape their bodies and lives. Not only does Alia want her clients, and people all over the world, to experience their most beautiful body but also to live to their fullest potential. She provides them with nurturing guidance and revolutionary, successful (and refreshing) training sessions. She utilises positive mind frame work, positive exercise movements and personal attentive support to help all clients achieve their best self.

Inspiring & Motivating Individuals To Experience Their Leaner Bodies And Best Lives

Alia Steglinski is one of Australia’s leading authorities on fitness, nutrition, weight loss and holistic wellness. Alia runs her sessions very differently to every other personal trainer. She is opposed to enslaving the body. She has developed a revolutionary method of helping her clients feel better about their bodies and capabilities. Alia is passionate about her Real Results Program. Her program is a more holistic one integrating fitness training, healthy eating mindset and nutrition to help clients with their healthy weight loss goals, discover natural shape all while helping clients gain a healthier lifestyle.

Alia has written for the following internationally published articles: MSN / The Daily Bulletin / FEMAIL / The Active Times / MyDeal.com.

About Alia

Alia is a world authority on holistic wellness. A highly respected Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Wellness Expert, Alia helps people to change and improve their lives through good food, exercise and a positive outlook.


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