Making Healthy Easy- The Lean Kitchen Dream Makeover

A kitchen makeover makes healthy eating easy and is the secret to a lean body lifestyle. Never diet or waste money on weight loss meals again. Create meals at home with your own quality ingredients and get full control of what really goes into you and your families bodies. Discover cheap nutritious ingredients and products from your local store that can simply add and replace trick foods or processed foods. Enjoy making new snacks, meals and smoothies without sacrificing on your favorite flavours and tastes. The recipes teach you to create new ways of healthy eating for you and your family in your kitchen, with a few tweaks to your acquired taste, replacing old foods with the new. A quick shop of great new affordable products and fresh food that provide heaps more vitamins mineral and antioxidants. A kitchen makeover will shortcut the process to helping you and your family stay easily in control and on track.

Book a life changing kitchen makeover with Alia that sets you and your family up for perfect healthy and lean living.

Set up your kitchen for success-

Have the best practicing nutritionist and wellness expert in Melbourne show you exactly how to create weight loss and nutritious health success in the kitchen
– Raise you and your families nutritional profile
– Learn the nutritionist tricks of cooking
– Cooking demonstration of new inspiring recipes
– Decrease cooking time by cooking batches
– Make life easier by getting the whole family involved with cooking
– Feel fuller slim down the waist line
– Discover the trick foods in your kitchen that are stopping you from losing weight
– Create a profile of new quick recipes and ideas that work best
– Inspire the whole family with eating healthy


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Alia is a trusted authority on holistic wellness. A highly respected Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Wellness Expert, Alia helps people to change and improve their lives through good food, exercise and a positive outlook.


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