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The NEW eBook “Happy Life Awesome Body”, by Accredited Nutritionist and Positive Personal Trainer Alia Steglinski is all about enlightening individuals to discover their most positive lean lifestyle. Discover how you can transform your weight loss in less time with the power of new complete nutrition recipes and five empowering pillars to health- nutrition, the right exercise, mindfulness, power of being more positive and connections with authentic people. Feel inspired to cook and eat differently in a more positive way that works for the long term.
– FIVE PILLARS for your happier healthier weight loss journey
– 30 easy DELICIOUS complete nutrition recipes
– Recipes nutritiously portioned for natural weight loss and sustained maintenance
– Fun facts on nutrition for the whole family on all recipes
– Six recipes created with brilliant head chef Emma D’lassandro
– Recipes save you time and money make “preprepped meals” every week for a successful week
– Cravings and food emotions self discovery food diary
– The journey getting out of emotional eating and dieting

-Upon purchase an instant copy is sent to your email address. You can then download your copy to your laptop or iPad! Print out your favourite recipes or simply save on file and view at anytime from your laptop or iPad!

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Alia is a trusted authority on holistic wellness. A highly respected Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Wellness Expert, Alia helps people to change and improve their lives through good food, exercise and a positive outlook.


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