Real Results Program

Experience a one off session or the world class complete program to wellness and desired health, The Real Results Six Week Program with Alia your expert personal trainer and fully accredited nutritionist. Alia will assess your current body movement and shape and devise a training program for rehab, strength, tone and fitness and a personalized nutrition program, to inform and inspire you to learn how to enjoy a positive relationship with food for weight loss, glowing tight skin, and increase vitality for life.

Holistic Sessions – Nutrition + Movement + Restore

– Increase muscle strength, athletic fitness, confidence, vitality and experience a natural weight shift
– Expert nutrition analyses Tanita Bio Impedance Inner Age Test
– Personalized plan for improving bio impedance factors
– Receive your own movement program for home/travel
– Experience sessions that will boost your fitness confidence and muscle tone
– Train with latest moves- Pilates, Yoga, Calisthenics, Bosu, Swiss Ball
– Shred body fat with gentle progression plan to peak performance cardio
– Restore your body and mind with new vitality breathing and stretching/rolling sore muscles
– Learn handy new healthy food practices at home
– Get easy nutrition recipes for home


Get Results with your Body and Health in as Little as 6 Weeks

Book the real results program and experience in a fun and empowering way weekly personal training and nutrition meetings that give you progressive results week by week. A world class program that works to give you outstanding results in as little as 6 weeks.Mobile program service. Sessions conducted at your apartment gym, at your home, at The Langham Chaun Spa gym in Melbourne or at a chosen outdoor location.




Program Prices

One on one 50 min- two sessions per wk for 6 weeks. $95 a session – SAVE $20
A one on one 50 min session. $105
Paired sessions 50 min. $55 pp
Family sessions 50min- 4 people. $30 pp


About Alia

Alia is a trusted authority on holistic wellness. A highly respected Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Wellness Expert, Alia helps people to change and improve their lives through good food, exercise and a positive outlook.


  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday 06.00am - 12.00pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday 06.00am - 8.00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday By Appointment

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