Real Results Program

Shift fat and transform your current body shape naturally, using personal training AND nutrition. The only two things needed to lose weight and have real results in less time are good nutrition and exercise. Shift your healthy eating mindset and shape your body by discovering your personalized body movement program and transform your current body shape to effortlessly become the best shape in your life! Alia address your foundation health concerns and health goals with special care and correspondence with your GP and health specialists. Whether you book a one off PT session or as “Real Results” healthy weight loss program of 6 to 12 weeks, experience the body and health you always dreamt of and deserve!

Shift Fat and Transform Your Current Body Shape

– Fall in love with fitness
– Enjoy a natural weight loss shift
– Supportive lifestyle tweaks to get off diabetes and blood pressure
– Discover your best body shape
– Experience new athletic confidence
– Discover a new healthy eating mindset AND leaner lifestyle


*Sessions cost $105 p/hr- or book as program for more weight loss- once to three times a week 6-12 weeks
1. Body and nutritional health evaluation.
2. Replace fat with muscle. Bio impedance changes: BMR, body fat, muscle, hydration & BMI
3. Shift stubborn fat with both high intensity interval training & muscle toning movement PT sessions
4. Shape your body and maintain it with a tailored body transformation program
5. Lose weight naturally by ADDING nutritionally balanced & portioned meals & replacing processed foods, or hidden sugar foods
6. Eliminate sugar cravings by completing your bodies nutrition profile

*Gym sessions- Kettlebell / Crossfit / TRX / Treadill / Spin
*Mobile Training home/outdoors- pad boxing /own body weight moves / Swiss ball / Pilates / Bosu ball



About Alia

Alia is a world authority on holistic wellness. A highly respected Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Wellness Expert, Alia helps people to change and improve their lives through good food, exercise and a positive outlook.


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  • Saturday & Sunday By Appointment

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